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Miscela Suprema (Suprme Blend): The best. A highly esteemed, quality coffee. Made from finest quality arabica beans, with a full-bodied, sweet taste and a unique fragrant aroma. With a shiny, delicate coat, this creamy drink has a pleasingly dense appearance. For refined palates.

Miscela Soave (Delicate Blend) : A harmonious blend of highest quality arabica and robusta, characterised by a rounded, balanced taste on the palate. Fragrant, with a light brown colour, it has an aftertaste of caramel that is full of surprises. Ideal for true enthusiasts.

Miscela Crema (Creamy Blend) : A blend with a rich, intense flavour. Consistently creamy, with golden tones. Perfect for those who like strong, firm flavours.

Miscela Classico (Classic Blend) :  Made from the finest quality blends of robusta, this coffee rewards lovers of strong flavours with a well-balanced touch of freshness and creaminess. A true taste of the Mediterranean.

Miscele Bar

Classico (Classic Blend)

Crema (Creamy Blend)

Soave (Delicate Blend)

Suprema (Supreme Blend)

Coffee pods

Classico (Classic Blend)

Crema (Creamy Blend)

Soave (Delicate Blend)

Dec (Decaffeinated)










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