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• The 5M formula •

To make a good quality aromatic drink that will satisfy his customers, the self-respecting barista should always keep in mind the 5M formula, or Miscela (the blend), Macinadosatore (the grinder), Macchina (the coffee machine), Manutenzione (maintenance) and Mano (the hand).

Miscela determines the taste, aroma and body of the final product. Gallitelli offers a wide range, to satisfy the different tastes of even the most demanding consumers. The Macinadosatore, or grinder, has to be selected so as to give the right granularity and not compromise the preparation of the drink. Additionally, any wear in the machine can have negative effects on the final product, such as alteration of its organoleptic qualities giving an expresso that tastes burnt. To give the coffee in the cup the right balance, the right Macchina, or espresso machine, for the job must be chosen and the standards for Manutenzione, or maintenance, must be followed. Always keeping the machine scrupulously clean and purified, using the right pressure control and temperature, and the quantities recommended by the coffee supplier, all have an impact on the taste and aroma of the product you offer your customers. The final M is Mano, or hand, or the ability of the skilful barista to prepare the espresso. Experience provides the best way to handle the various stages of making the perfect cup of coffee.

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