Our History

“If families work, the country and the entire world do” - Pope John Paul II

It was the year 1984 when the journey of the Gallitelli family started, from an idea of Giuseppe, the founder. It all began with the purchase of the first “Saeco superautomatic” machine, capable to grind coffee beans just roasted.

From the earliest stage of this adventure, Luigi and Marco started to take their first steps in the fascinating world of coffee machines, driven by the enthusiastic commitment of their father, Giuseppe. After spending 15 years in the world of vending machines, Giuseppe decides to start a new parallel venture: in 1999 the roasting plant was born, with the mission to produce the exquisite “intellectual drink” with GALLITELLI brand.

Driven by an authentic passion for roasting, Giuseppe starts transforming green beans to create original and increasingly refined blends of “arabica” and “robusta”, combining craftmanship and technological innovation.

Having consolidated its core business of coffee beans, distributed through a growing number of bars and restaurants, the company eventually seizes the opportunities offered by the market of single-portions, investing in new lines for the production of pods and capsules.

In 2015, following the dramatic increase of its production capacity and customer base, the company changes its corporate structure to become a Limited Liability Company.

As of today, Gallitelli Group is formed by Gallitelli Roasting Division, Gallitelli Vending Division and two directly managed coffee shops: the Blues Cafè in Mottola, the so-called “spy of Apulia” – and the Gran Caffè Gallitelli in Matera, the unique stone-city famous for the “Sassi” – UNESCO site and international touristic destination.