To make a good coffee, we should start from the origins, as it’s all about the quality of raw materials.

For this reason, Gallitelli pays utmost attention to sourcing green beans directly from the producing countries, through a careful selection of suppliers and the definition of severe quality standards.

The main coffee species in the world are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica generates a very scented coffee, with a sweet and round taste, and a pleasant acidity tip. Robusta generates a more full-bodied coffee, with a stronger flavor and less pronounced scent.

The screen is very important to have a uniform roasting and create a refined blend.

The batches of green coffee, packed in jute bags of 60kg, after passing all checks in the customs warehouse, are stocked in our warehouse and sent to the roasting plant.

The roasting process is a magical and delicate moment, that follows the recipes passed down through generations, with a different protocol for each country of origin.

In just a few minutes, beans lose weight and increase their volume, becoming dark and friable. It’s in this important stage that coffee acquires all its aroma.

Roasted coffee is sent to the storage sylos, ready to be packed: this is when the production process – careful selection of beans, blending, finally roasting – come to an end

Coffee beans are packed in 1 kg packs with unidirectional breathable valves. For capsules and pods, the beans are taken from the sylos, grinded and then packed in single portions.

After the process is completed, random checks and tastings are carried out on finished products, to guarantee a unique flavor at each single sip.